Geggus Consulting provides expert property guidance, covering a wide spectrum of the commercial and residential markets. With a deep understanding of the fuel distribution landscape, we offer valuable insights and support across diverse projects. From strategically selecting optimal locations to skillfully negotiating lease agreements, managing existing properties, and overseeing construction and development, GC advises on property ventures from start to finish. In many cases, we have experience starting with a brownfield site and turning it into a fully operating depot, constructing the warehousing and office accommodation, ready to move in with all services and utilities connected.

Location Analysis and Selection

Thoroughly exploring potential sites, we conduct meticulous evaluations to determine their suitability for the designated purpose. Our extensive experience with local planning authorities allows us to navigate regulatory requirements and address community concerns as they arise. By strategically considering the proximity to operating areas and major road links, GC endeavours to guide decision-making to maximise profitability and efficiency.


With years of experience in successful negotiations, GC skillfully leverages this insight to help achieve results quickly and efficiently. Our understanding of the motivations of a wide range of parties, including local authorities, builders, architects, estate and land agents and suppliers allows us to structure deals that are commercially advantageous.


Leveraging our knowledge of obtaining planning permission and our profound understanding of land use and regulations, we adeptly navigate potential obstacles and red tape. Through our expertise in the planning process, we expedite project timelines, minimise costly planning applications, and work towards the most effective paths of action, while maintaining valuable relationships with architects to further enhance project success.

Development & Construction

With expert project management, contractor selection, and stringent quality control advice, our approach involves maximising return on investment through effective evaluations of sites, strategically allocating budgets for optimal outcomes, and ensuring the suitability and longevity of property. With a focus on sustainability, we carefully consider environmental factors, keeping local communities and authorities content while maintaining project efficiency.


GC offers expert property maintenance, tenant management, and strategic lease arrangements. Through skilled negotiation and careful sourcing, we help secure favourable lease agreements, minimising risks and ensuring long-term cost efficiency.

IT & Software Solutions

With a focus on optimising operations, enhancing the customer journey, and harnessing the power of data analytics, we drive success and efficiency. Our extensive knowledge of software development, strong relationships with developers, and expertise in project management, testing, and implementation allow us to oversee tailor-made solutions that propel processes forward.

Software Development and Customisation

We oversee specialised software development and customisation, specifically tailored to enhance efficiency and performance. Integrating cutting-edge technologies into operations, we mechanise processes to maximise efficiency. Our focus on removing blocks from the customer experience improves the journey, fostering increased loyalty and confidence among customers.

Process Automation and Integration

Through our expertise in process automation and integration, we have overseen the integration of real-time tracking systems for fleet, fuels, and inventory, ensuring comprehensive and transparent monitoring of operations. Additionally, we have helped develop advanced algorithms to calculate the most efficient ways to perform single-liquid deliveries, optimising routes and resource allocation for improved outcomes.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

By leveraging sophisticated data analysis, we enable informed decision-making, identifying opportunities to further enhance efficiency and improve performance throughout the fuel distribution process.


As a fuel distribution expert with the ability to advise on transitioning to greener fuels, GC’s expertise extends beyond its core industry. With a focus on sustainability, we offer valuable guidance to support others with the transition to greener fuels. Our expertise spans transportation and logistics, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture, industries heavily reliant on fuel and increasingly seeking more environmentally friendly practices to obtain their green tick.

Fast-paced industries face the challenge of achieving a seamless transition to greener fuels without downtime. Understanding the critical nature of operations in these industries, we advise on ways to implement solutions that minimise disruption and maximise efficiency during the switch to sustainable fuel alternatives. Our approach empowers companies to embrace greener practices without compromising productivity, fostering a successful and sustainable transition even in the most demanding and time-sensitive environments.

HR & Recruitment

Our deep understanding of talent acquisition and HR matters allows us to help build strong and cohesive teams. Emphasizing the development of personalised skills and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement, we partner with senior management to unlock the full potential of their teams. Having overseen a wide range of HR cases over 40 years, we have an advanced understanding of contractual law and successful dispute resolution.